About Us

A division of the Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery and Aroma Bistro, Aroma Gelato and Waffle Lounge has become one of our most cherished gems. We opened our freezers in 2012 and have taken the heart and passion of Italian culture and brought it to you…why wouldn’t you deserve a bite?

Our artisans produce our signature gelato in-house and share the love that they have for gelato through the unique textures and oh-so-delicious flavours. Manufactured with state of the art machinery, we are always striving to improve quality and bring you gelato that even the Italians would desire. Our flavours are imported from Italy, the source of all things scrumptious. We currently offer over fifty different flavours ranging from plain vanilla to New York Cheese Cake and the tantalizing salted buttered caramel. We have produced close to a hundred different flavours, which vary from milk based to water based gelato. There is something for everyone! (Even for our vegan and diabetic friends)

The display is a feast for the eyes!

Additionally, we offer Designer milkshakes, Belgium waffles and ice cream cakes for those special occasions. Tempted enough?

Come in and enjoy a taste of Italy!


the gelato experience

Everyone knows that gelato is the Italian word for ice cream but the truth is, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It is made in a totally different way, slowly churning the mixture to taste richer, creamier and superb at various temperatures. Real fruit, nuts, chocolates and milk are used to make our award winning gelato. When it comes down to it…there is no compromise on flavour, texture and of course, the crunch.

the gourmet coffee experience

Additionally, we offer milkshakes, waffles and ice cream cakes. And if you would like a beverage of a different sort, you are always welcome to our famous Aroma gourmet coffee.


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